A message from Anant Yardi

A message from Anant Yardi

March 26, 2020

A message from Anant Yardi

Dear Client,

During the 37-year history of Yardi Systems, we have been privileged to have had the opportunity to provide software solutions and services to the real estate industry. During that period, we had the pleasure of meeting and greeting so many talented and dedicated people. Two weeks ago, things changed. The old norm of meeting and greeting people has been replaced by the new norm of keeping our distance while getting the job done.

In keeping with government and public health advisories and instructions, Yardi has now transitioned to a work from home policy until the risk subsides. The health and safety of our staff and our clients is our primary focus. The vast majority of our staff are now working from home. There has been no deterioration in service levels or quality of service and our goal is to maintain these levels of service.

Across different asset classes, our clients are facing unique challenges. Our job now focuses on ensuring that owners and managers can communicate with their prospects, residents and vendors via portals, chat, text and email to provide essential services. We are offering a schedule of free webinars that will help your staff optimize usage of Yardi software and help you provide essential services to your clients.

We are mindful of the fact that recent health and economic setbacks have had a worldwide impact. To give our communities a helping hand we have committed two million dollars to nonprofit organizations that will support those most affected by this crisis.

This COVID-19 outbreak is unprecedented. I am optimistic that with the mobilization of government agencies, the focus on social distancing and the dedication of the medical community to finding a treatment and a cure, we will have this behind us. Meanwhile, we will continue our tradition of taking care of our clients, taking care of our employees and taking care of our communities.

Here’s hoping that we can soon return to the meet and greet norm.

Be safe, be well,

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