Important Message regarding Constant Contact from Alex Philip

Important Message regarding Constant Contact from Alex Philip

March 20, 2020

Important Message regarding Constant Contact from Alex Philip

Management Team,

In the event, some of your main point of contacts mention that they have not seen your important updates or recent blasts from Constant Contact, here are your instructions below:

  • Please ensure you have 1 or more backup contact emails on file from each company.
  • Forward the blast to the tenants that tend to not receive them due to high security firewalls on their end.
  • Make sure you are one of the contacts listed, so that email blast comes to you as well.
  • When forwarding in bulk, please make sure to Blind Carbon Copy them before sending (BCC)
  • When forwarding your constant contact blast, please remove the unsubscribe part, as a tenant can accidentally unsubscribe you.
  • By US’s CAN-SPAM legislation law, a tenant or anyone always reserves the right to opt out of future emails – so feel free to write a small note on your email towards the end that says “If you no longer wish to receive our emails, please click to unsubscribe and remove them from the contact list if they respond to you.

You simply highlight the work unsubscribe. Right click the word unsubscribe and then go to Link and then Insert Link and on the email address field, place your email and then click OK. You can always save one in a word file for quick access so that it would be a simple copy/paste!

I typically don’t do this but during these unprecedented times, tenants getting pertinent information from our management teams is critical to our business and the continued efforts of social distancing and in turn stopping the spread of COVID-19. Of course, as a fellow manager, I have made sure that each point of contact has my personal contact information so that they can call me personally so that we can serve our valued tenants as needed.

Call me if you have questions,

Alex Philip
Marketing Manager/Property Manager

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