Microsoft Excel Training

Microsoft Excel Training

April 01, 2020

Microsoft Excel Training

Dear Gemini Rosemont Staff,

Wylie has prepared an Excel Workshop which you can download and practice with at your convenience so you can become more comfortable with Microsoft Excel and learn some shortcuts. He recommends the following approach with these files:

  1. Start with the Excel Workshop PowerPoint which will contain fundamental formulas to utilize in excel.
  2. Next, open the Excel Workshop Examples
    • The Excel Workshop Examples is a test workbook to help assess your skills by inputting the correct formula in the yellow cells located in each tab. Each tab also includes directions in red font to clarify the specific formula to be inputted in the yellow cells. Please have the Excel Workshop PowerPoint open along with the Excel Workshop Examples attachment to guide you through the formulas to input.
  3. Lastly, open the Excel Shortcuts and Formulas PowerPoint which will contain three slides with commonly used excel shortcuts and formulas.

Please see the links below to download the files and we will update this post with the answer key next week.

Powerpoint Guides:

Excel Workshop

Excel Shortcuts and Formulas

Practice Worksheet:

Excel Workshop Examples

Thank you Wylie for preparing this guide!

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