Zoom Instructions and Helpful Links

Zoom Instructions and Helpful Links

March 15, 2020

Zoom Instructions and Helpful Links

Dear Gemini Rosemont Staff,

Zoom Access:
If you either don’t have an account or are unsure if you already have one, please email support@geminirosemont.com and we will be able to assist.

Zoom Password Reset:
To reset your password, please visit https://zoom.us/forgot_password and enter your Gemini Rosemont email address. If you have an account you will receive an email with steps to reset your password. If you don’t get any email from Zoom, please send a ticket to support@geminirosemont.com.

Once your account has been creating, please reference the grid below for downloading their desktop and outlook plugin, creating meetings, inviting others, and joining meetings:

Help Topic
Downloading Zoom Desktop
Downloading Zoom for Outlook on Windows
Creating a Meeting (within Outlook)
Creating a Meeting (Zoom Desktop)
Joining a Meeting (host)
Inviting Others to Join a Meeting
Joining a Meeting (guest)

Phones & Call Forwarding:
Please email the Help Desk at support@geminirosemont.com including your office number and cell number and they can configure the call forwarding for you.

VPN, Shared Drives, and Remote Desktop Access:
All laptops have Cisco AnyConnect installed to allow VPN access.

1. In the bottom right toolbar, look for the Cisco icon (you might have to expand the icons if it is hidden).

    • If you don’t see the icon you can press the Window’s key on your keyboard and search for Cisco AnyConnect to launch the application.
    • If you aren’t finding the application on your computer, please visit https://sfe.vpn.rosemontrealty.com/ to download the VPN client
    • Click Connect, enter your username (first initial + last name) and password (same as the one to unlock your computer)

2. Connect to Remote desktop (if applicable)

PLEASE NOTE: you will need to use a VPN in order to access any of the shared drives, and to use Remote Desktop Connection (if you connect to a computer in Santa Fe or any other location. All other applications (Yardi, VTS, GRid, Outlook, etc.…) do NOT require a VPN.

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