An Unwavering Dedication to Our Tenants' Experiences

Focused on Comprehensive Asset Management

Surpassing our tenants’ expectations is the driving motivation for our on-site teams. Gemini Rosemont serves each tenant with unparalleled attention to detail across our portfolio, which is comprised of 36 properties totaling approximately 8 million square feet.

Our in-house property management staff, and carefully curated vendors, anticipate every tenant need with real-time responsiveness. By utilizing our vast network of available resources, we consistently ensure that our office buildings are well leased to top-tier tenants.

Maximizing the Tenant Experience

At Gemini Rosemont we believe that the renewal process begins on the day that a Tenant executes its lease. Our top priority is providing a supportive environment that attracts, nurtures and retains quality tenants. We endeavor to create a sense of place wherever possible through the activization of common areas and the amenitization of our assets to the greatest extent possible.

Gemini Rosemont’s comprehensive expertise in asset management allows us to provide robust support to a diverse base of tenants. From national financial and legal firms, to regional healthcare and engineering companies, to local energy providers and technology start-ups, we are well-equipped to accommodate the unique needs presented by the wide variety of industries which occupy our properties.

What Makes Gemini Rosemont Properties Exceptional

At Gemini Rosemont, we pride ourselves on providing all of the elements necessary for a truly memorable tenant experience.

Real-Time Responsiveness

We treat big brands and small start-ups alike, with quick turnarounds for requests and warm, friendly communication.

Conscientious Attention to Details

Gemini Rosemont’s dedicated staff leverages an extensive network of resources to go above and beyond in anticipating needs and solving problems.

A Devotion to Our Tenants

At the core of Gemini Rosemont is our appreciation for people. Our exceptional focus on tenant satisfaction is at the core of every interaction and relationship.

“Our business relationship with Warren Place management is one of excellent commitment to tenant relationships and providing the best in service and communication.”

Kimberly C. Travers

Office Lead
Deloitte Services LP
Tulsa, OK

“Much needed tenant improvements have been completed with sensitivity to tenant’s needs and wants.”

John Moore

John Moore & Associates, Inc.
Albuquerque, NM

“CAM Integrated Solutions could not be happier with our choice to office at Kirkwood Tower. Gemini Rosemont has a very friendly and responsive staff that makes the office environment here a pure joy.”

Craig Pierrotti

CAM Integrated Solutions
Houston, TX

“Everyone at LT Trust is thrilled with your building staff. They are all unbelievably prompt and responsive. Thank you very much for being as good as you all are.”

Charlie Billings

Vice President and CTO
LT Trust
Denver, CO

"The Summit’s location is spot on. We just love it here."

Bill Hancock

Executive Director
College Football Playoff
Dallas, TX